Discover Maintenance & Training easy and remotely 

Maintenance & Training is an efficient step-by-step manual that functions as a remote assistance: It explains products, processes and maintenance procedures by projecting 3D models of the products into the real environment. Acting as a virtual handbook, each handling-step can be experienced interactively via Hololens or mobile device. Videos, Animations and many more explanatory features create a shared knowledge space that turns theory into practice by the given opportunity to exercise the learned contents directly on the 3D model. That makes Maintenance & Training a great application for customer support and employee trainings that can be extended with new steps or tutorials whenever requested.
  • Virtual tutorials
  • Step-by step-manuals
  • A shared knowledge space
  • Live-Chat function
  • Voice commands
  • 3D Animations
  • Remote assistance
  • Videoplayer
  • Mixed Reality experience with Hololens
  • An own application that provides all necessary info for the handling of a product
  • Best solution to support customers, employees or clients remotely
  • Highly efficient way to communicate and visualize the workflow step-by-step
  • Reduced costs for physical trainings and customer support
  • Integration and transport of all necessary knowledge to optimize the understanding process
  • High usability thanks to voice commands and detailed explanations
  • Live-Chat that enables to contact a supervisor in case of unexpected challenges
  • No limits of possibly integrated Extended Reality features and media content

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