AR Service Pad

Our AR Service Pad solution can be used anywhere in the world for training, repair and maintenance purposes. The application offers advantages in facilitating service processes and educational training – by allowing insights into your product’s inner workings.
With this custom Augmented Reality service solution, we provide you with the ability to scan and/or place objects, which would normally be presented in complex user manuals and unhandy textbooks, into a real-world context.
This AR solution is providing the user with X-ray vision capabilities. To simulate this “see-through” ability, computer-generated views of concealed objects or locations are rendered on the user’s view of their environment. This enables the user to effectively peer into the workings of objects by generating a real-time overlay of information, such as assembly structure, wiring diagrams and schematics. Our X-ray solution can be used to educate employees and customers on your products in a virtual environment. Users can walk around an object and see a full 360° X-ray view of your product.
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