The Porsche AMS WebAR


Client: Porsche AG

Solution type: WebAR

Launch date: 2019

Technologies: React | 8thWall

Platforms: Web

Test image: Taycan AMS


As part of the ‘Leserwahl’-campaign by the ‘AMS’ magazine, Porsche asked to support with an AR feature. The idea was to extend the printed magazine innovatively and charge it with digital contents creating a modern reading experience.


For this reason developed a webAR experience that works by scanning a printed QR-code on the magazine page. Thanks to the 8thWall technology, the user is redirected to an URL which opens the camera directly within the browser. Thus, the app recognizes the magazine page and places a 3D model of the Porsche car on top of it. The user has then the chance to turn the car around, configurate paint colours, switch on the lights or even listen to the engine sound. This makes the Porsche AMS feature a multisensual experience. In addition, a button refers to the Porsche AR Visualizer, where even more modifications can be applied on different models.

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