Vorwerk Kobold Robot Demo AR App

Client: Vorwerk & Co. KG

Solution type: AR Visualizer

Launch date: 2018

Technologies: ARKit | ARCore | Vuforia Engine SDK

Platforms: iOS | Android


In 2018 the Vorwerk Sales Team faced different challenges concerning the optimization of selling processes for the upcoming product the ‘Vorwerk Kobold VR300’ and how to train the stuff accordingly. To support digital progresses in industries, innovation.rocks focused on developing a solution for Vorwerk, that would improve and speed up Sales procedures as well as make the product way more tangible and easy to understand for the employees and possible customers.


That is why innovation.rocks established the Vorwerk ‘Kobold Robot Demo App’, an AR Enterprise App for the whole Vorwerk Sales Team, that was developed parallel to the vacuum cleaner itself and integrated the Sales Team by testing together and collecting feedback in workshops to modify the app on requests. After three rounds of concept adjustment the final app is optimized for the sellers’ process and available in 11 languages. With the help of the Vuforia SDK, the AR app recognizes the Vorwerk VR300 by scanning the real product and creating a virtual AR-version of the cleaner that can be experienced from all different angles, even from the inside. Main functions are the visualizations of the cleaners features like sensors or airflow controls, but also the mapping skill or the insight to cleaning summaries, that enables the Sales Team to give a quick overview to costumers and to become part of the selling process of the future.

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