SunPlaza AR Shopping Mall


Client: Sun Plaza Shopping Mall

Solution type: webAR | AR Visualizer

Launch date: 2020

Technologies: Unity 3D Engine | Wikitude SDK | ARKit | ARCore

Awards: Best Retail Cases

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The Sun Plaza Shopping Center in Bukarest wanted to be not only a mall with several shops, but an innovative place that amazes its visitors and creates a feeling of loyalty and joy. Therefore teamed up with THIS PLAY agency to work on an Augmented Reality experience integrated in the building that increases the visitor’s length of stay, gives a better understanding of their needs and leads them to less frequented areas in an entertaining way.


While THIS PLAY agency installed around 10 digital signage players and 85 beacons in shops, developed a mobile AR app combined with a CMS that interacts with the installed technology. The app is a treasure hunt AR game in which users search for coins that can be exchanged into rewards like vouchers. Developed with Unity and Wikitude SDK, the app offers even more ways to interact with the customers: Users can find all events happening in the mall, a directory to the stores, a virtual map or a list of the films in the cinema in the app. They also can give feedback or receive the latest news of the mall directly on the phone. By this, users do not only experience a whole new shopping experience, they also profit from successful treasure hunts, enter stores, they normally wouldn’t and come back to the mall more often.

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