Digital Porsche Brand Academy

Client: Porsche AG

Solution type: WebAR

Launch Date: 2020

Technologies: 8th Wall

Platforms: Web

Awards: Red Dot Design Award 2020


Due to the ongoing digitalization, industries often have to hire talented employees with only a superficial bond with the brand, while longtime established workers wonder about the future of their company. When Porsche faced this challenge in 2020, the automotive company consulted to develop a virtual solution, which brings those groups together and educates about brands history and values.


The Digital Porsche Brand Academy manages to do both: The virtual training tool is a first-to-market training tool in form of a webAR experience. By following the URL or scanning the QR Code, the Brand Academy can be easily started in the Browser thanks to the webAR technology by 8th Wall. An animated 3D Avatar in form of a Porsche employee welcomes the user and navigates through three chapters of the brand’s history and future. Different interactive content enable the user to become part of the virtual time travel and take a seat in a digital Porsche, drive to animated Porsche-locations or even support the building of a cars chassis. The Porsche Brand Academy does not only reduce costs of physical trainings, it also educates interactively about the brand values, background and future plans in a simple and entertaining way.

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