Porsche AR Visualizer

Client: Porsche AG

Solution type: AR Visualizer

Launch date: 2019

Technologies: Unity | ARCore | ARKit | Vuforia Engine

Launch date: 2019

Download: Android | iOS

AwardsIF Design Award 2020


The automotive industry has to face the challenge of creating new touchpoints within the costumer journey, that match the current times of ongoing digitalization. Therefore, Porsche asked innovation.rocks to create such a touchpoint as a whole new costumer experience that combines Augmented Reality and several Porsche car models to retain customers by giving them the opportunity to modify their dream car without leaving the house.


The AR Visualizer Application is such a touchpoint that allows to customize one’s favourite Porsche by placing the virtual 3D model amid the real environment with the camera view of one’s smartphone. Due to combining ARKit, ARCore and Vuforia Engine technologies the car can be explored from all angles, including the interior and the technical details under the chassis. Several innovative features as the object recognition, the drive mode, the sharing function and the direct connection to Porsches web configurator provide a new way in the customer journey with a significant impact on the buying process of the future.

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