Miele Blizzard CX1 AR

AR Sales Pad

Client: Miele & Cie KG

Solution type: AR Visualizer

Launch date: 2016

Technologies: Unity | Metaio

Platforms: iOS


For their first bag-less vacuum cleaner ever, the Miele Blizzard, the global player Miele wanted to promote their highlight of 2016 at the IFA with an application that meets the high standard of the technology integrated in the cleaner. Therefore, they asked innovation.rocks to develop such an application by the help of Augmented Reality to offer a glance into the Blizzard and explain the technical details.


The AR application Blizzard CX1 AR by innovation.rocks is a solution that meets the requirements of the client and enables to promote the cleaner to a bigger crowd. The app amazes with a color configurator and a variety of hotspots, which include interesting facts and videos about the vacuum cleaner. It simply works by using the camera view of one’s mobile device and by overlaying the real cleaner with its virtual AR version. At this point, the Blizzard can be explored from all possible angles. With the x-ray feature, users can even look inside the vacuum cleaner and observe the different filters, the airflow and many more technical details. After the first presentation of the Blizzard at the IFA 2016, the Miele Sales team continued to use the application as a modern promoting tool in their daily business.

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