MAN webAR TGX 2020

Brochure Promo 2020

Client: MAN Truck & Bus SE

Solution type: webAR Viewer

Launch date: 2020

Technologies: 8th Wall

Try experience: webAR| Image


To present the new TGX 2020, MAN initially planned to send a special mailing to their clients. Because this should not only be a simple paper mailing, they consulted to create a virtual experience.that includes the ambassador of the truck “Ben”, also known from previous campaigns.


Therefore, developed an application with the webAR technology by 8th Wall, which would complement the mailing digitally. Brought on by several circumstances, instead of the mailing, the webAR experience ended up being part of the TGX brochure. There, it amazes clients with virtual tutorials and the animated 3D avatar “Ben”. Through calling the URL, the Augmented Reality feature starts and the character “Ben” appears in the cockpit to give.additional details and inform about the truck’s special interior. Thanks to web-based AR, the user can discover the many functions of the drivers cabin.individually in the browser. By this, the solution requires no download of an additional app, which makes it very convenient and quickly accessible.

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