MAN TG Interior WebVR & VR App

Promotion 2018

Client: MAN Truck & Bus SE

Solution type: VR | WebVR

Launch date: 2018

Technologies: Unity | ARKit | ARCore | HTML5

Platforms: Web | iOS | Android


For a new campaign regarding the truck model MAN TGX, the vehicle manufacturer MAN teamed up with With the use of Virtual Reality, they planned a tool to promote the benefits of the truck originally and exceptionally. Thus, the tool should not only be entertaining, but also easily distributable to potential customers.


Based on that, created a Virtual Reality solution developed with Unity and a webVR tool. Both apps allow to experience the interior of the TGX without being even close to the truck itself. While the webVR app was the first step, the native app expanded the experience enabling an offline usage. By this, MAN Fans, clients and truck drivers get the chance to take a virtual seat in the driver cabin. Different pop-ups offer interesting facts about the TGX that can be revealed by a simple click. The user even gets the chance to change the color or switch between the day- or nightview. The VR app project was combined with a Mailing, where specific VR glasses made of cardboard were sent to the clients. Thus, the clients had the chance to include their own smartphones and enjoy the Virtual Reality experience at its fullest.

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