Lenze i550 AR App (POC)

Client: Lenze SE

Solution type: AR App

Launch date: 2019

Technologies: Vuforia Engine | ARKit

Platforms: iOS


Based on the release of the new frequency converter i550, Lenze consulted innovation.rocks to develop a simple and effective way to explain their employees how to install and maintain the product by the help of Augmented Reality. Lenze asked for an AR application for internal use, that gives instructions and helps to understand how cables and connection plugs need to be connected and established.


The developed AR application works by scanning a QR-code, which calls up the right data record and enables an easy handling of the technology. The additional object recognition feature identifies the frequency converter and presents the approach for a correct cable connection step by step. Different functions as technical data, montage, bug fixing and many more can be activated by the user via one click on the mobile device. With this interactive application, innovation.rocks has developed an AR experience that supports Lenze employees in their daily business, giving them a tool to show and explain technical features easily and understandable to collogues and customers. The app was only presented internally at Lenze as a first demo for the Use of AR.

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