Konica Minolta genARate

Client: Konica Minolta Inc.

Solution type: AR App

Year of launch: 2016

Technologies: ARKit | ARCore | Wikitude | Angular | nodejs

Platforms: Web | iOS | Android


To bring print media back into the spotlight, innovation.rocks and Konica Minolta teamed up in 2016 and worked on a modern and simple way to create content. The idea was to develop an innovative Augmented Reality alternative for marketing, commercial print, magazines, agencies and private persons, who want to revolutionise their print media with an easy and intuitive publishing method, that affords no programming or coding knowledge.


As a solution to this challenge, innovation.rocks developed genARate, which is not only an online CMS to edit and charge images with digital content, but a mobile AR app to scan the printed versions of those images and reveal the digital modifications by one click. Users can add interactive features like videos, buttons, links or 3D animations to the uploaded picture in the CMS via drag and drop. Those modifications can then go live and be sent to the end-user. By downloading the app, the recipient can scan those modified 2D print products and check out the augmented content with his camera, where hidden messages, information, pictures, etc. will appear in 3D. Since the date of publishing in 2016 innovation.rocks continues to develop new features and maintain as well as support genARate to extend print products digitally.

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