Heineken Virtual Bar - webVR


Client: Heineken N.V.

Solution type: webVR

Technologies: krpano

Platforms: Try here


For an online campaign in China, Heineken consulted innovation.rocks to create a Virtual Reality experience that would be entertaining and informative at the same time. The campaign was co-organised by Sixtoes agency and planned as a playful treasure hunt. There, users would immerse into the world of Heineken, explore the brand and become an active part of the experience.


Based on that, innovation.rocks developed a webVR, which would invite the user into a virtual bar hosted by Heineken. The created world’s design is as green as the brand’s logo itself and provides many surprises for the users, like.information about upcoming events, the campaign or the visualisation of TVC. All of those can be revealed by searching for stars and star patterns in the virtual Heineken world. When all the hidden stars are found, the users can share the experience in social networks with friends and family. After finishing the treasure hunt, the virtual bar visitors receive a discount code and will be awarded.with a special Heineken bottle edition. The simple technology of webVR allows all users to quickly immerse the virtual world via internet browser. VR-Glasses can be used, but are not necessary for the full experience.

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