Bentley AR Visualiser Bentley AR Visualiser

Client: Bentley Motors Ltd.

Solution type: AR Visualiser

Launch date: 2019

Technologies: Unity |ARKit | ARCore

Launch date: 2019

Platform: Android | iOS


For the release of the third-generation Bentley Flying Spur the automotive company wanted to offer a whole new customer experience to explore the car. Based on that searched for a way to enable this experience digitally and with a high usability. The idea was to make the new Bentley available for everyone and give a playful insight to the varied details of the car even before it gets released.


To give costumers and fans of the brand the chance to modify and visualize their future Bentley on the smartphone, has developed the Augmented Reality app, the Bentley AR Visualiser, using the same concept as for the Porsche AR Visualiser. Developed with ARKit and ARCore the app enables to place the 3D model of the Flying Spur into reality where- and whenever demanded, configurate the color of the exterior and interior and even go on a test drive by only one click. The AR Visualiser is a modern way to reflect the range of possibilities available to potential Bentley drivers. This does not only support the user while modifying their dream car, it also forms the buying process of a digital future.

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