Audi Genuine Parts and Accessories

Client: Audi AG

Solution type: AR Visualizer

Launch date: 2013

Technologies: Metaio | ARKit | ARCore

Platforms: internal only


Started as an Augmented Reality application for the mapping of new tires and rims, Audi Genuine was firstly developed by to support After Sales at the automotive company and customers whilst the customizing of their cars. Due to a direct connection to the “MSA”, the app should contain the whole customer journey, starting from the montage up to the purchase process.


Thanks to Augmented Reality, a virtual 3D model of each Audi model can be placed via the camera view of one’s smartphone into the real environment. There, different modifications on tires and rims can be tested and inspected from all different angles. The app continues its high standard of innovation with the ability to give recommendations on what car elements should be exchanged and why it makes sense to use original car components. As an addition to the first phase, the app got extended with many more equipment like wheel carriers or ski boxes, creating a whole catalogue, in which the product range gets explained and animates the use of each tool by only a few clicks. By this the user does not only get to experience the variety of opportunities, but also receives the chance to order those car additions directly in the same app.

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